Penis Enlargement – A Bulgy Tussle

The Battle of the Bulge that was launched during the second World War has a different meaning in today`s era; it is the battle of the sizes. Till today there have been many researches and studies conducted exclusively to find a rational solution for this soul -stirring penile size problem in men. Let`s now take a look at some of the studies that were conducted in different parts of the world and try to understand what they have in store to tell us

A journal by The British Association Of Urological Surgeons

The much awaited news is here. Men get ready to know few more facts about the male enhancement treatments. A study conducted by the Urological Surgeons revealed that non-surgical methods of increasing the penile size were able to give the expected good results but not all of them work and some lead to disappointment too. Researchers conducted this study to understand the impact of surgical and non-surgical methods on male enhancement. It was found that though in some cases surgeries and treatments gave good results they were very harmful in most of the cases with dangerous side effects and in many even led to irreparable complications. In conclusion they said that traction method was very effective when compared to the others and a penis that was treated with this was able to show a growth by an extra 2.3 cms when slack and 1.7 cms during erections.   This is definitely a good number and men who really feel that they need to buckle up, can actually go for this method without any fear of side-effects.

But nothing happens overnight. You need to give it something to gain something from it and it is certainly going to take some time. If your internet says that you can use this to gain a decent big size in a week`s time and if you go by it, you are sure to get disappointed because this cannot happen ever. Something that can help you with results like this never exists and it is not possible also. Remember you are trying to go against nature and hence being very cautious is very important.

Traction method to track your penis size

Traction method is a proven and authenticated safe method to be used for penis enlargement. This is in fact a medically proven and recommended one by many doctors.

How does this work?

The traction method uses an extender and is commonly known as the traction extender. These extenders work on the same principle of the weights. Here the person needs to attach the extender to his penis and gently apply a pull pressure. The best part of using this is that there is no specific time for using this and can be easily bonded with a cock without any difficulty. It can be used at anytime of the day and in fact you can go with this to your workplace too; it will not be seen obviously off your pants. Look at the flexibility and ease in using this device.

Another highly researched method of male enhancement is the use of penis pumps that uses vacuum to extend and lengthen the organ. Although this method is a highly rated one, it might require the person to exert more energy. Here the cock is put to lots of pulls and pushes to enable and enhance the flow of blood into the organ. A regular penis functions correctly with the right flow of blood into the cock during erections. The amount of blood is what determines the length and girth of the penis. In many the problem of penile size arises due to a poor blood flow and this is where the pumps come in handy. They are attached to the penis and pulled up and down to force blood to flow through the organ. This might give you results but look at the amount of pressure you are applying on the organ. Sometimes over pressure might cause permanent damage and discoloration of the organ.

Be it any method, care and caution is what should be the primary focus. Too much of anything is not good for health. This holds good for everything.